Words to describe, words to connect.

Copywriting, content writing, words to describe, words to connect.

It is, in my humble opinion, one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas of sales. You have the products, you have the passion, but do you have the words to let your clients know this?

People buy from you once because you have the right product or the right service at the right price. They buy from you a second time because they enjoyed the shopping experience. The more someone feels connected with a company, the more likely they will become a repeat customer.

It is these repeat customers that every business wants and needs. Constantly pushing for new clients will eventually come to an end. The pool will run dry. If you can increase your customer retention by as little as 5%, the profitability of your business could rise as much as 75%. Repeat customers cost less to advertise to, they are easier to sell to, and they are 100 times more likely to recommend you to a new customer.

Making people come back is not as easy as it sounds, however, with some well-written copy it is far more likely to happen. People like to be informed, feel part of the growth, be included. They like to know that you care as much about the product or service they are buying from you as they do. They want you to be human.

The website is built, marketed, and your SEO is scoring high. So why are you only getting new enquiries? You’ve built a mailing list and have great offers. So why are you only getting less than 1% take up?

The answer may be because the copy text you are using is too SEO driven and not engaging enough. Keywords are for search engines, words are for people. Having a skilled writer develop a blog, write your product description, even write your newsletter copy, can be the difference between 0.4% click-throughs and 6% click-throughs.

You can increase the turnover by simple having web copy that asks for the business in a professional and approachable way. Would you allow your salesperson to stand in front of a client and just spout out a load of buzzwords in the hope that a lot of people will see your shop?

We all know the answer is no, but a lot of businesses are quite happy to allow their website, their online selling tool to do just that. A blog is not just a page for unreadable product description and obviously pushy over positive reviews. It is the human face of your online presence. It allows you to talk to your clients and show them you know what you are talking about. It proves you are passionate about what you do.

Get it right and your blog could be the number 1 reason people return. Popping in to read your latest well-written article, and buy something whilst they are there. With good content, comes great sales. With good customer relations, comes amazing repeat sales. Don’t neglect your copy.

A good copywriter is able to create regular, engaging web content. Giving you that human face, that personal touch, without taking you away from running the business. Get your copy done right, and the rest of the work you do will pay dividends.