Please Vote

Colin Davies

Dear people who are not registered to vote or say voting doesn’t matter,

We live in very interesting times. Per head of population, violent crime is down. It can be argued that we live in some of the safest times in history, yet so many of us are still afraid. That is because so many governments make us afraid.

They tell us to give up freedoms for our own protection. They tells us that the wealthy need more money so that it can seep its way down to the pockets of those at the bottom. They tells us that only things that make a profit and pay share holders know how to make things work.

Well I don’t believe in these things. I believe if you give the wealthy more money, they keep it. This is shown by the richest 5 families extending their wealth of the last 7 years, despite austerity. I believe that the threat is exaggerated for political gain. This is shown in the amount of people killed by terrorists and the enemies of the West compared to the number of people that have died due the our own governments policies. I believe that companies are more interested in profit than care. This is shown in the débâcle that is Southern Rail, and the Bank crashes of 2008.

One thing the US election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote has shown us is that getting out and voting does make a difference.

If you want change, something different, something that is fairer and kinder. If you want a government that is for the people not the profits. If you want to break the cycle of vested interests and cruelty. If you want a Britain where you don’t step over a homeless person on your way to work, or feel guilty because you didn’t by an extra tin of beans to donate to the local food bank. If you want people to have a great education and opportunities to improve no matter their background. If you want to be able to take your child to an A&E department because they have cut their head open after falling off a wall and not have to drive over 50 miles to do so and then get a bill for it.

If you want change, you need to vote for it, and to vote for it, you need to register.

Don’t let the powers that be kid you into thinking that what we have now is the only answer to a problem they created. Be brave, be bold. We can be so much better.

I will be voting for Labour on June the 8th. I believe Jeremy Corbyn will deliver the change we need. If we all pull together, we can have that change, that new start, and deliver hope to all.




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