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Cursed: A Blog Tour

Cursed: A Blog Tour

The Cursed Blog Tour: Day One

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Colin Davies for hosting me here on the first day of The Cursed Blog Tour. Cursed is the third in my dark tales from Innsmouth series, and I must admit that it’s currently my favourite. The novella is based around the idea of storytellers telling scary stories and this is something that I’ve always found fun.  

As a matter of fact, I find true ghost stories so much fun that the book launch, which will take place online on Monday March 1st, is going to be mostly about sharing ‘true’ ghost stories and very little about promotion and urging readers to buy copies of Cursed

So, rather than my talk about the book that’s coming out, I figured it would be fun to share a true ghost story I’d recently heard, to give you an idea of what I consider to be unsettling.

Four or five decades gone by there was a young man in love with a young woman who lived on the outskirts of Blackpool. Her parents didn’t approve of him so he could only ever visit her during the night. Once her parents had gone to bed, the young woman would creep out of the house and flash the lights of her parent’s car three times. Then her boyfriend would ride his motorbike down the road toward her house so they could meet and have an illicit tryst. 

Sadly, one night, the boyfriend hit a pothole. The motorbike went one way and he went the other and his injuries were so severe he didn’t survive. 

But, apparently, his ghost still haunts that stretch of road. 

A friend of mine, and her boyfriend, decided to head out there one night to see if they could verify the story. The boyfriend was worried he’d be completely freaked out. “His family are religious and he believes in that sort of thing,” my friend told me. She was more worried that her suspicions (that the night would be a waste of time) would turn out to be true. 

When they went to investigate this alleged haunting, my friend had an idea. She stopped outside the abandoned farmhouse where the girl in the story had once lived. Then, once she’d turned off the engine, she flashed the headlights three times. 

“You won’t believe this,” she told me, “but there was a single headlight that appeared half a mile down the road.” When I seemed sceptical, she added, “It was approaching slowly at first, but building speed. It kept coming and coming and coming. My boyfriend was panicking, and that got worse as the headlight came closer.” 

The light came closer and grew bigger. Just as they were expecting to feel the impact of a bike hitting their car, my friend turned on her car’s lights. She expected to see an idiot on a bike, coming to an abrupt halt and smug because his practical joke had worked out. But there was nothing there.

“There was nothing there at all,” she told me. “The light was just gone.”

She’s got no explanation for what happened. She insists it’s a true story but she doesn’t have any evidence to support it. But the one thing she can say is, she’s never going to that stretch of road after dark, ever again. 

As I said, this has nothing to do with the content of my forthcoming novella, Cursed, save for the fact that’s a story about ghost stories and this was reported to me as a true ghost story. Over the next week The Cursed Blog Tour is going to be visiting a handful of websites belonging to some of my favourite writers and I’ll be sharing pieces of content from the book and talking more about my current obsession with the supernatural. If you want to follow The Cursed Blog Tour, this is the schedule and it would be great to see you there:

Monday 22nd Feb. Colin Davies 
Friday 26th Feb. Blackpool Horror Society
Tuesday 23rd Feb. Samantha Dawson 
Saturday 27th Feb. @autoerraticism 
Wednesday 24th Feb. Simon Bestwick
Sunday 28th Feb. Simon Jay 
Thursday 25th Feb. Jenny Kane 
Monday 1st March Ashley Lister 
Monday Evening: 7.00 – 9.00 Book Launch and LIVE online event: sharing ‘true’ ghost stories.Email me@ashleylister.co.uk for an invitation.