Rok the God

Comic Review: Rok the God (Chapter 1)

Everybody who knows me knows how much I adored Rok of the Red, the 6 part comic from British comic legends John Wagner and Alan Grant. For those of you who don’t, please read my previous blog here. Now armed with that understanding you will have some idea how excited I am to be in the knowledge of a pending sequel.

However, such is the nature of the comic book industry at the moment, the creators, now known as ‘Team Rok’ of ‘Red Rok Comics’ are having to run a Kickstarter to raise the necessary and fund the publication ( It does not need saying that I have already pledged and I am not telling at what level I have pledged due to the fact I have no idea who might be reading this and me getting into trouble for spending too much.

As part of this fundraising drive, Red Rok Comics has released chapter 1 of the new story ‘Rok the God’. 20 pages filled with Dan Cornwell’s glorious artwork all beautifully coloured by Abby Bulmer. I purchased my copy from Dan himself at WynterCon VI in Eastbourne.

One of the many things I love about Rok of the Red is the humour. There is something about its blend of sci-fi and sport that it so far out there, it sparks my imagination and makes me feel the child I once was reading 2000AD on a Saturday morning.

Let me tell you, this second series, so far, doesn’t disappoint. If anything, the love and joy the creators have when working on this project ooze through even more. These are characters that you know are making Wagner and Grant smile as they are writing the next crazy scene. Cornwell’s drawing skills are there in all his work but here they have a vitality that can only come from a place of happiness. Bulmer’s colour choices, so vibrant in the first story, fill each page with warmth and life that shows how much she cares. Even Jim Campbell’s lettering makes me smile in a joyous childlike way. His use of a different typeface for Roks Mother gave her an accent.

The script is sharp, funny and just nuts. The story begins some months after the cup final of the ‘Reds’ with the shrunken versions of Nigel Bull the Ref and the real Kyle Dixon coming out of stasis. Their escape is going to be a fun ride through this second volume I can tell. The dialogue is punchy and the ideas fun. The exchange between Rok and his Mother made me laugh out loud.

From what I have seen in this opening chapter, my excitement levels have gone up. ‘Rok the God’ looks like it’s going to be every bit as good as ‘Rok of the Red’ and then some. Not reading this comic because you don’t like football is a bit silly for me. What Team Rok has created is pure British comic book escapism.