New Children’s Book for Halloween

I have written a parody of the classic Christmas poem A visit from St. Nicholascalled ‘Twas the Night of Halloween.

The original, from 1923 whis is also known as ‘Twas the night before Christmas is credited as being the first publish account of the reindeer names. Less Rudolf, he didn’t come into being until 1939 when the story Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was published as a give-a-way for the Montgomery Ward department store.

'Twas the Night of Hallween

‘Twas the night of Halloween, and all through the house…

The image of sitting by an open fire with the children on Christmas eve, and reading the great poem as a bedtime story is as joyfully yuletide as a decorated tree. Though how many people actually do this I have no idea.

Being a fan of Halloween celebration I though it would be fun to publish my version as a fully illustrated book. So this year, come the season of fright. Gather the children around the fire and read tale of a Visit from Old Nick…

‘Twas the night of Halloween, and all through the house, all the ghosties where stirring, even the dead mouse…

Paper back version from here:

Kindle Version from here:

Don’t have nightmares 🙂

Together we Stand

Together we Stand

When all about you
Are losing their bread
When those in charge
Seem off of their heads

When everything is Bleak
Granny can’t afford her heater
When nothing seems fair
The cards stacked for the dealer

When you shout at the world
And only those in your bubble hear
When the best to look forward to
Is less tax on beer

When all is but run
As time becomes short
When kindness is needed
Let it not be for naught

When a child is hungry
Ask the government for shame
When on one is listening
Raise your game

When faced with lies
Seek out the truth
When God has forsaken us
See this as proof

When the chance comes a begging
Reach out your hand
Then show others you care
For together we will stand.