The Lost Doves

The Lost Doves – Set your sights towards the sun

The Lost Doves

I have known Ian Bailey and his music for several years. We even have a show together which combines his wonderful solo album ‘Empty Fields’ with some of my poetry. It’s a very emotional affair. So when he told me he was releasing a new CD, my interested was and truly peaked.

The CD doesn’t officially get released until the 21st of September (though this may change), but lucky old me managed to get my hands on a copy. So with much excitement (I am a fan after all), I unwrapped the CD and placed it into my system.

The first thing that made this project stand out was the fact Ian isn’t working alone. His previous releases have been solo works whereas here he’s teamed up with singer-songwriter Charlotte Newman to form a duo under the guise of ‘the Lost Doves’.

This is a collaboration of new material, with a couple of exceptions. ‘She’s Waking Up To Close Her Eyes’ and ‘See Saw’ both being originally recorded as purely single acoustic guitar track on ‘Empty Fields’ but have now been given the full band treatment here.

The sound quality of this recording is nothing short of outstanding. Produced and recorded by the duo at Ian’s ‘Small Space Studios’ between late 2019 and pre-lockdown 2020, the space generated around the instruments and vocals is the kind of high production values you’d expect from Rock Fields in Wales, not a small studio in Preston.

There is a depth to the sound and an emotional tone that allows you to connect to each track. Both Ian and Charlotte have amazing voices that are allowed to shine against some incredibly well-played music. The talent on show from the duo is evident with each note played. This is certainly an album for music lovers.

As a duo ‘The Lost Doves’ are still finding their way in terms of style. There are definite influences from the chiming overtones of The Byrds to prog-rock to British folk and all coming from the hearts of two people who adore the music they are playing. The contrast between the beautiful ‘Waves’ and the powerful ‘The Clowns Are Coming To Town’ is as stark as it is creative. This is a project that has started life in the studio and still needs time to grow. In saying that, judging them by using these tracks as a starting position, that growth is going to be amazing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first listen to this album, and enjoy it more and more with each subsequent spin. The reworked tracks from ‘Empty Fields’ are fresh and a nice departure from the originals. The new songs are well crafted and demand your full attention while blasting out of your speakers.

‘Set your sights towards the sun’ is available to pre-order here.


It’s well worth adding to your collection.