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The Lost Doves

The Lost Doves – Set your sights towards the sun I have known Ian Bailey and his music for several years. We even have a show together which combines his […]


Blackstone Towers

The Ashley Lister Blog Tour – Day 8 First, I’d like to thank @TheTweetOfColin for allowing me to bring my blog tour here today. This is day eight of the […]

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Blood ink.

What would you give to be a famous writer?

With her soft Kansas accent and fat Cuban cigar, Ms Nikita is always on the lookout for the next great story. Six writers, some new, others she has worked with for years, all with new stories she wants to hear. Tales of horror and science fiction, if Ms Nikita is happy, she’ll work her magic. All they have to do is sign the contract with Blood ink.

Interesting times

I have stayed way clear of getting into any debate regarding this period of lockdown we have been in. It’s had its positive effects such as giving me more time […]

Just a Blog

It feels like it was another decade when I last bogged. Now I come to think about it, it was. So much has happened it’s been hard to think let […]