Well Then

According to the QAnons the world as we know it is not the world we think we know because they know the truth and it is not what we think it is. Until Jow Biden got sworn in as the President of the United States. It was at this point that the world as we know it turned out to be the shit show we always knew it was.

Thanks to the lack of action from ex-president Trump who was supposed to swoop in with his secret swat team, arrest and execute all the Satan-worshipping paedophiles. Reclaiming the mightly lands of the USA for its indigenous white folk. Making America Great Again. But alas, the great orange one’s lack of action, whether it was because the forces of evil stopped him or he chose not too or, let us just say for argument’s sake, it wasn’t true in the first place, was clear fr all to see.

This has left a hole in the lives of people who just want to believe in something. People, that feel lost and think there must be some grand design to all this because otherwise, what is the bloody point? Frighten people, who just want to stop feeling of darned forgotten all the time. Just people looking for answers.

And it is these people that have been let down by Trump’s in actions. Not because he didn’t drain the swamp and beat the Devil, but because he allowed people to think this was true. He rode on the back of some outlandish falsehoods and with full knowledge of the bullshit, stoaked the fires. He let these people looking for answer believe the had found them. These people who now feel crushed and let down and forgotten, again.

I read that some factions of some extreme far-right organisations have already started to try and recruit the lost soles, offering them new answers to their sense of injustice. And what does the liberal left do? Does it reach out a hand and offer answers? No, it uses big words, mocks the broken willed and smiles with great smugness.

Trump has now gone, thank the actual fuck. There is now an opportunity for people to come together and listen to each other. The time is now for setting up a better future. We have to face the injustices and ask why they feel that way. We need to stop listening to the bank who is telling us that these ex- QAnons are looking at our biscuits and start showing them that the biscuits are not poisonous. Just a little truth and straight-talking from the politicians would be a start. Drop all the “feel good” war metaphors and just tell us when we can meet up again or at the very minimum, what we need to be seeing to get what we want.

Tell us that if the R rate gets below 1 for more than a week all the pubs and schools we then open. You watch people follow the guidance then. When there is no end in sight people start to think, “what’s the point?” And they cannot just tell us the end is near, because they have been telling us that for nigh on a year. Real markers, reak results, real rewards. Stop thinking that the break of trust with the population isn’t your fault. Stop making baseless promises and just tell us how we get out of this, and if you don’t know, tell us.

I hope for peace, health and happiness for all. I just wish you lot in government understood that this 3-word phrase means everyone, and not just those will a shit laid of money.