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Blood ink.

What would you give to be a famous writer?

With her soft Kansas accent and fat Cuban cigar, Ms Nikita is always on the lookout for the next great story. Six writers, some new, others she has worked with for years, all with new stories she wants to hear. Tales of horror and science fiction, if Ms Nikita is happy, she’ll work her magic. All they have to do is sign the contract with Blood ink.

This is my latest book. I had the idea of writing a number of short stories that would be completely different from each other yet somehow fit together so they wouldn’t just be a collection. I have always been a fan of anthologies, be it film, book or comic. The ‘Tales from the Crypt’, ‘2000AD’ and ‘Scream’ formats always appealed.

So I set about creating a character that can be used to link seemingly unconnected stories. Ms Nikits is that character. She has allowed me to create different writer, all of which will be presenting their work to her. So between each story, you the reader, get to learn that little bit more about her.

I loved writing this book and exploring all these different ideas, and from the feedback I’ve been getting from my test readers, it looks like you might have a lot of fun reading it too.

From the test readers:
“It’s Stephen King meets Black Mirror.” – Simon Jay
“It gave me nightmares. I literally woke up screaming.” – Heather Freeman
“Bloody good fun. Sign me up!” – Charlie Hart
“Remember Tales from the Unexpected? Well this is now!” – Tony McMullen

Interesting times

I have stayed way clear of getting into any debate regarding this period of lockdown we have been in. It’s had its positive effects such as giving me more time to write, and its negative sides. The audio drama I wrote, which was initially given the green light by the production company was then pulled as the difficulties of both funding and recording became apparent.

So I actually have a fully written audio drama that now sits on my “I must get round to making that, maybe a Kickstarter” pile.

On a creative note, I have been able to finish my book of short stories. Writing a series of scenes involving a producer called Ms Nikita and a number of writers who are all trying to sell her their story. This allows a link between the stories and turned this collection of horror and sci-fi tales into a unified piece. The book is called The Pitch and will be available later this year.

I have also been working on a dystopian sci-fi novel which has a working title of Fracture. This has awakened my discipline to the craft. I am now writing a minimum of 1000 works a day on this title. Who knows, maybe I’ll get 2 books out this year?

With so much uncertainty over my current 9 to 5, I have also been spending some time trying to push my talents as a content writer. Living in Blackpool and being able to work remotely gives me a price advantage over my competitors living down south. I’m hoping that many companies with an office in London or Manchester will be more willing to contemplate people working from home who live in areas with a lower cost of living as a way of making savings.

I’ve also been working on some very interesting over-dub work, but more on that next time. Be safe people and remember to love each other.