Just a Blog

It feels like it was another decade when I last bogged. Now I come to think about it, it was. So much has happened it’s been hard to think let alone write. So let’s update on the world…

John Wagner’s brilliant Kickstarter was a success! “Yipee!” This means the second Rok of the Reds comic “ROK the God” will be in my grubby little mitt sometime this year. YES!

Using the age-old political tactic of lying about everything, Boris Johnson managed to talk is way into the top job. For years he’s been fibbing his way to a “home run” with “the Ladies”. This time he’s worked his charms and now looks set to fuck an entire country. All it took was a rugged look, cheeky smile and that tried and tested chat-up line “Get Brexit Done!” Phwoar!

Corbyn’s time as the leader of the “couldn’t score in a brothel” party has come to an end. Once their leader has been selected by another country all accusations of hate crime will come to an end I’m sure. So no more fluffy pensioner reading out emails from his Allotment Advice website at PMQs.

So new year, new world crises. Because as if climate change, Australia burning, Irans Nuclear goals and Donald Trump still breathing wasn’t bad enough, we now have a new virus to contend with. Not only is this a medical emergency with research facilities working around the clock to find a cure, but it’s also all systems go for conspiracy theorists who need some way to blame this on one of the usual suspects of the Clintons, the CIA or the BBC.

Well, I’m determined to write a lot more this year. Need to publish some short stories and write more books. There will be news about an audio drama I’m working on soon so please do keep coming back, I miss you when I’m gone.

Oh by the way, what’s happened to the Liberals? Well, nevermind.